Breathwork  Reviews:

In a busy world I always forget to take time out for myself, this class was the perfect remedy. Rebecca explained all of the techniques so well and they were easy to do. She then took us through the breath work and meditation, giving us a safe space to work in. This class is absolutely amazing for making time to heal, refresh, rest and gain strength, I will most certainly be attending more classes. Rebecca leads you through a journey that is absolutely priceless, I gained so much from it and realised that making time for myself is essential. Rebecca also gives you the tools to continue working on your own, which is wonderful whether you have just 5 minutes or an hour to spare. Whether you are looking to get in touch with your emotions, manage difficult situations, empower yourself, strive for your dreams or simply want to ground and balance yourself, or take some time just being you, this class and technique is perfect. 

Dr Catrin Rutland. 

I was having trouble with my emotions and pains in my tummy, after explaining this to Rebecca she said that maybe a breath work session would help, I was a little nervous at first but put my faith in her and the process. I am so glad that i did! Rebecca made me feel very relaxed and safe during the whole time, It bought up emotions that I thought I had dealt with and resolved but had just buried deep down, I faced them head on with the help of Rebecca her kind and calming voice in the background and released the hurt, pain and tears. I was very tired afterwards which Rebecca warned me about, within the next few days the pain in my tummy had settled, as for my emotional state it improved ten fold. I am so thankful for all of Rebecca's care and thoughtfulness to put me back together again and I would recommend breath work for anyone struggling with life, emotions or just need a put yourself in a better frame of mind!!!!!! 

Kettlebell Classes Reviews:

I started working with Rebecca a year ago and the results speak for themselves. I have lost over a stone and am happy with my body shape for the first time ever. This wouldn't have been possible without Rebecca. Her sessions are fun and challenging and she is always available for help and support. I couldn't recommend Rebecca more highly to anyone looking for a personal trainer and to anyone wanting to take their training to the next level. 

Melissa, Derby 

Back in November I saw an advert for kettlebell classes. I had tried other various fitness classes having recently retired from my previous contact sports. I was not keen on classes involving dancing and moving in time to the music. I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. I was relieved when there were no legwarmers or Jazz hands in sight. Just small groups of people with a common interest in improving fitness/shape and a knowledgeable instructor giving personal advice about technique for safe and effective kettlebell swings. Over the last 3 months, I have more that doubled the weight I use, and hope to continue to improve. I have lost half a stone and 1 inch off my waist without doing anything but using the kettlebells! Happy days. 

Neil, Derby 

The kettlebell classes with Rebecca have been great for me. My general strength has improved and it's helped to keep the problems I've had with my back in the past to a minimum. I've also really appreciated Rebecca's instruction and help throughout the classes. She makes the classes fun, keeps us motivated throughout, varies the exercises each week and pitches them according to our needs. What's nice is although Rebecca makes us work hard, it's all done in a very relaxed and friendly manner. I'd definitely recommend the classes to others. 

Mark, Derby 

I have been attending Rebecca's Kettlebell class since September. The class is only 30 minutes and Rebecca always makes every minute count. The class is challenging but fun and each week is different. I can feel the difference in my general strength and fitness, plus its a great core workout. I would definitely recommend it, especially if time is tight, it's amazing what you can do in half an hour. 

Sarah, Derby 

If you thought that kettlebell classes were just 'weight training' then think again. The 30 min classes that Rebecca runs are punchy and focus on building core strength rather than muscular brawn. Ideally suited to Pilates classes as it provides a great cardio boost for men and women alike. Try it- you'll love it! 

Jason, Derby

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